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Weekend Getaways In - and Day Trips From - San Francisco

These trips are designed for someone spending just a day or two in San Francisco - or looking to get out of town for the day.

Day Trips from San Francisco
If you're looking for a way to spend just one day out of San Francisco, this guide has enough ideas to keep you busy for months.

First-Timer's Getaway to San Francisco
With a mix of popular tourist attractions and a taste of the real city behind the tourist facade, this getaway will have you planning to come back as soon as you can.

Film Lover's Getaway to San Francisco
If you love cinema, you'll find more to do in San Francisco than you might suspect.

Japantown San Francisco Getaway
It's one of only a few places like it in the United States, easy to get to and you can stay there all weekend while leaving your car in the garage.

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