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yosemite national park map
Courtesy of National Park Service. Used with permission.
Within Yosemite National Park, you have 13 campgrounds to choose from. Of these, 4 are in the Yosemite Valley, 5 are along Tioga Road above the valley and the rest are along Highway 120 and 140.

Three of the Yosemite Valley campgrounds are clustered where the campground symbol appears on the map above. They are North, Upper and Lower Pines. The fourth campground is a walk-in, tent campground only, called Camp 4. This camp is especially popular with rock climbers.

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North Pines | Upper Pines | Lower Pines | Camp 4 Walk-in

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Elsewhere, Hodgdon Meadow and Crane Flat are on Hwy 120 (Big Oak Flat Road) between the north entrance and the Valley. South of the Valley along Hwy 140 (Wasona Road) are Bridaveil Creek and the Wawona Campground. The rest are on Tioga Pass Road (Hwy 120) between the valley and the park's west entrance.

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Bridalveil Creek | Crane Flat | Hodgdon Meadow | Tamarack Flat | Porcupine Flat | Tuolumne Meadows | Wawona | White Wolf | Yosemite Creek

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