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Getting To and Around San Francisco

San Francisco Transportation Guide - cable cars, public transportation, taxis, limos, ferries and other means of San Francisco transportation.
  1. Driving in California
  2. San Francisco Airport Shuttles (9)
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San Francisco Area Airports
Information about pros and cons of the three San Francisco area airports.

Getting Around San Francisco
An overview of San Francisco transportation options, which ones work best when, and how to get around.

Taking the BART Train from SFO to Downtown San Francisco
Using this step-by-step guide, you can ride the BART train like you were a local.

Cable Cars Explained
All the practicalities for the San Francisco cable car - where to get on, how to ride, tickets.

Golden Gate Bridge Tolls for Visitors
If you're planning to drive across the Golden Gate Bridge during your visit, you need to know this: You can't just pay the toll with cash at a toll booth - this bridge is now all-electronic. Find out what you can do and how to handle the tolls so you don't end up paying fines and fees.

San Francisco to Las Vegas
Get a quick comparison of the ways to get from San Francisco to Las Vegas (or vice versa) driving yourself or by bus, train and airplane.

San Francisco to Los Angeles
Whether you want to go by plane, train, bus or automobile, you can use this guide to plan your trip.

San Francisco to San Diego
Use this page to find out all the ways to get from San Francisco to San Diego - or vice versa.

How to recognize a real San Francisco taxi, where to hail one, tipping and a list of companies.

Traffic Report Online
From the San Francisco Chronicle, this report includes a link to a real-time traffic map.

Traffic Report On the Radio
KCBS radio (740 AM) gives traffic reports every 10 minutes.

How to Ride a Cable Car in San Francisco

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