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These California lighthouse locations are easily accessible and open to visitors.

California Lighthouses - Map
Interactive map linking to information about each California lighthouse.

California Lighthouse Photos
California lighthouse photo gallery.

Piedras Blancas Lighthouse
Piedras Blancas Lighthouse - History and Visitors' Guide

Alcatraz was the first California lighthouse.

Point Arena
Northern California lighthouse in an extremely scenic location.

Point Cabrillo Lighthouse
Point Cabrillo Lighthouse - History and Visitors' Guide

Battery Point
This California lighthouse once lit the way for shiploads of lumber bound for San Francisco.

Point Fermin
One of the country's most unique lighthouse designs, one of only 6 every built in Victorian style, Point Fermin is located in San Pedro, near the Los Angeles Harbor.

Point Bonita
Lighting the way to the Golden Gate, this California lighthouse lies just outside the San Francisco Bay.

Point Montara
This California lighthouse is now home to a youth hostel.

Point San Luis
Built into a Victorian style house, Point San Luis is between San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles, just off US Hwy 101.

Point Sur
On a lonely, desolate, rocky promontory south of Carmel, this lighthouse is one of the most remote.

Point Vicente
Lighthouse on the Los Angeles coast.

Point Pinos
In picturesque Pacific Grove, it's the oldest standing coastal California lighthouse.

Point Reyes
Almost at the edge of the continent, this California lighthouse is in a national park.

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