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Resources for a California vacation. Includes California vacation resources and information about surrounding states. Find maps, view pictures of California vacation sites, and read reviews of California vacation destinations.
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Saving Money on Your California Vacation
How to use Goldstar's half-price ticket service to save money on your San Diego, San Francisco or Los Angeles vacation

Plan Your California Vacation
Read this California vacation guide to choose the best California destinations for your personal interests

California Interactive Map
Our interactive map is a graphic index to California vacation resources. It helps you figure out what's where, and you can click on any location to get more information about visiting it on your California vacation.

California Vacation Itineraries
A few popular California vacation itineraries covering different parts of the state.

How Much Can You Do on Your California Vacation?
Use this calculator to help you figure out how much you can get done on your California vacation. Includes tips on how long to spend in the most popular spots.

California Weekend Getaways
Browse a selection of ideas for California weekend getaways

California Budget Getaways
A selection of California getaways for two people, two days for less than $200

Romantic Getaways in California
Read about the most romantic places in California for a weekend getaway.

Getting from Place to Place in California
If you need to get from place to place in California, these guides are made to save you time. They include all the options for traveling between all the most popular places by automobile, bus, train or airplane. The driving guides include all the important things that an ordinary map will never tell you.

Top California Attractions
In a state that's so big and diverse, with so much to do, it's hard to pick just a few top things to do. We decided to limit these top California attractions to the short list of things that everyone should think about doing.

Plan Ahead
To get into some of California's most popular events, campgrounds and activities, you'll need to plan ahead. This monthly planning calendar tells you what you need to do now - to avoid disappointment later.

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