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Dog Sledding in California

Places to go Dog Sledding in California


You don't have to go to Alaska for a real dog sledding trip, with huskies mushing through the snow. California's mountains offer plenty of opportunities for dog sledding adventures for the whole family. Here's what you need to know.

What to Expect When You Go Dog Sledding

Each dog sledding company has their own fee schedules, but you should know in advance that a dog sledding adventure costs a lot more than a trip to the movies. For a 30-minute ride, expect to pay more than $100 each for adults and $50 or more for children. Longer dog sledding rides or ones with more features will cost more.

  • Each dog sledding company has a maximum load in terms of total weight and number of people. Ask when you reserve if you have any concerns.
  • Dress warmly. Wear a warm jacket, gloves, glasses or goggles and a scarf or hat. The dog sledding company will usually provide a blanket to keep you warm in the sled.
  • Bring cameras and video recorders if you want.

Places to Go Dog Sledding

  • Lake Tahoe: Wilderness Adventures Dog sledding tours with a chance to learn how to mush your own sled. Leaves from the Resort at Squaw Creek and Sugar Bowl.
  • Mammoth Mountain: Mammoth Dog Teams runs half-hour, one-hour dog sledding adventures on traditional sleds, including a dinner dog sledding trip. Leaves from the Mammoth Mountain Inn.
  • Mount Shasta: Dogsled Express Dog sledding adventures, including special kiddie rides. Starts at Deer Mountain Snowmobile Park.

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