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Weekend Getaways in California

California Weekend Getaways Guide


Californians love to travel, and we love to visit each other. In fact, more Californians visit our top tourist destinations than people from any other place.

To help you make the most of your California weekend getaways if you have only a short time off, we've compiled an extensive selection of California weekend getaways ideas for you.

These California weekend getaway pages are set up to make your job easy. They tell you where to stay, when to go, give you a short list of the best things to do and often include the best place in town for Sunday brunch. It's all designed to make your California weekend getaway as carefree as possible.

Weekend Getaways in California

You can find your California weekend getaway any way you like:

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What do you like to do on a weekend getaway?

As little as possible | Romantic stuff | Shop | Spa/massage | Theatre, museums, concerts | Enjoy good food, wine tasting | Golf | Hike | Outdoor activities | General sightseeing
See what others do.

How far in advance do you start planning your weekend getaway?

One week or less | 1 to 2 weeks | 3 weeks to a month | More than a month
See how far in advance others plan.

How often do you go on a weekend getaway?

Once a month | Once every couple of months | 3 to 4 times per year | 1 to 2 times per year | Once a year | Once in a blue moon
See how often others go.

When you go on a weekend getaway, how do you get there?

Drive in my own car | Drive a rented car | Fly | Fly and drive | Other (train, bus)
Take a look how others get there.

How long do you usually travel for your weekend getaway?

One hour or less | 1 to 2 hours | 2 to 3 hours | 3 to 4 hours
Take a look at what others do.

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