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California Ghost Tours and Haunted Places


Did you like telling ghost stories as a kid? Enjoy a good scary movie? California is full of ghost tours and other paranormal-focused activities.

Los Angeles

  • Dearly Departed Tours: Visit the twisted underbelly of Hollywood, sites of grisly murders and other creepy crimes.
  • Ghost Tours of Catalina: Starts with the most historic haunting and ends at a site with the most active current paranormal activity.
  • Queen Mary: The Queen Mary could be one of California's most-haunted places, with more than more than a dozen reported apparitions and sightings. Learn about them on the daily Ghosts and Legends Tour and on special dinner tours with a paranormal specialist.
  • Haunted Hollywood Tours: A tour of the sites of death and scandal.

San Francisco

San Diego

Ghost Tours in Other Parts of California

More Ghosts and Haunted Places

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