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California for City Lovers


California for City Lovers

Downtown Skyline and Griffith Observatory

By Wes Tennyson available under Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike license
If you're a city-lover who likes museums, shopping, culture and great cuisine, California's got 'em. You know the city names already: San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Each has its special personality.

Many city-lovers also enjoy the arts, so be sure to click on through to California for Culture-Lovers to find out more.

We figure most shoppers can find their way to the local mall on their own, but you might want to also check out our California shopping guide to learn about some of the most interesting local shopping areas.

San Diego

Though San Diego may not spring to your lips when someone mentions great California cuisine, this southernmost of California cities has some truly great restaurants.

San Francisco

Union Square is the United States' third-largest shopping area and home to the largest department store west of New York City, but it also has some charming streets lined with local boutiques, and the City by the Bay is often ranked as having some of the best restaurants in the world.

Los Angeles

A huge, sprawling, energetic city, Los Angeles is great for almost any citified pursuit. It's got more museums than you could visit in a month, great shopping in the Garment District and along Melrose Avenue, window-shopping on Rodeo Drive, nightlife that could take away New York's "never sleeps" title, top-notch theatre and you can always find a good meal here long after restaurants in the other cities have gone to sleep.

Wine Country

I can't make it a city with a stroke of the pen, but the Napa Valley is home to some great restaurants, which may be enough if you're a true "foodie" at heart.


Gamblers don't need to head to Las Vegas (a four-hour drive from Los Angeles) to get their fix. California's Indian casinos, built on tribal land and thus immune to state law are growing up and now have spas, headline entertainers, etc. They cluster around San Diego and Palm Springs.
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