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California Vacation Grab Bag


California Vacation Grab Bag

Some Great Things to See and Do in California

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Our grab bag is chock-full of interesting, quirky, offbeat and just plain funky things to do.

The Old West

If Western films, television programs and ghost towns make your pulse race, read our guide to California and the Old West, Pardner. We'll tell you where to find the mother lode of Gold Rush ghost towns, the locales of some of your favorite western films and television programs and clue you in to a western film festival so good you'll be wishing you brought your six-shooter.

California Lighthouses

Do you get in a frenzy over a Fresnel lens? You'll find over a dozen California lighthouses strung along the coast, and they're all open to the public.

Ghosts' Favorite Haunts

Scattered all over the state, these haunted sights cover the spectrum from haunted toy stores to really creepy night tours that make even a skeptic like me wonder... You can also take a Cemetery Tour to find out more about fascinating characters who are no more.

Factory Tours

If you ever wondered, "How do they do that?" these factory tours are for you.

Film Fans

There's more to see than Universal Studios, and most of it is in the Los Angeles and Hollywood area. Consult the California Movie Tourism Guide to find out how to go behind the scenes and tour back lots, find out what a foley artist does and discover classic film locations you can visit.

High-Tech Troopers

Looking for a saber-toothed cat? Want to design your own roller coaster? Surprisingly, San Jose and Silicon Valley don't have a stranglehold on high-tech tourism. Find out what there is for the technically-oriented and scientifically curious to see in Los Angeles and San Diego, too.

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