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California for Kids and the Young at Heart


I'm traveling with children or I'm a kid at heart, looking for theme parks, zoos, kid-friendly spots

Disneyland's Mad Tea Party

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If you're traveling with children or you're a kid at heart who enjoys a playful vacation, these places are for you.

City Kids

These guides to California travel with kids may help you find more stuff to keep the kids entertained:

Theme Parks

California's first theme park, Disneyland opened south of Los Angeles in 1956, and the Southland hasn't give up its dominance of theme-oriented fun since then. Read our California theme park guide to find out how to avoid the lines and where to find a theme park that's perfect for the younger set.

Zoos and Animals

San Diego is the best spot for critter-oriented adventures, but San Francisco has its share, too, and of course, there's the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Use the zoo and animal attraction guide to learn about them and find places to stay that may make you wonder if you've gone on safari.

Especially for fans of comic strips and cartoons, find California's cartoon-iest spots. Or if your family enjoys carousels, discover where the best ones can be found.

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