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The best California vacation depends on you and your personal interests, and those of your traveling companions. To help you plan a California vacation that will be perfect for you, we've compiled some information about our most interesting sights, attractions, places and things to do by interest. Use this guide to help you decide where to spend the most time, or to find places off the beaten path that may appeal to your special hobbies and passions.

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  1. Best Things to Do by Location
  2. California ClassicsI want to see the top sights in California. I want to tell people back home that I saw it all.
  3. California for Nature LoversI like mountains, ocean, deserts. Where can I find unspoiled vistas and explore Mother Nature?
  4. California for City Lovers
  5. California for Kids and the Young at HeartI'm traveling with children or I'm a kid at heart, looking for theme parks, zoos, kid-friendly spots
  6. California Spas, Resorts and Romantic GetawaysI want to get away from it all and relax at a spa or resort or plan a romantic getaway.
  7. California for Active TravelersNo lounging by the pool for me! I want to hike, bike, swim, walk, play golf and stay active.
  8. California for Culture LoversI love performing arts, museums, gardens, galleries, history and architecture.
  9. California for Food and Wine Lovers
  10. California Vacation Grab Bag
  11. Alternative LifestylesIf you want to practice alternative lifestyles on your California vacation, we've got some ideas
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