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California Facts - Facts and Figures about the State of California


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  1. Cool, Fun California FactsYou may be surprised to know some of these things about California
  2. California Facts: GovernmentIt's a Republic, but who was the shortest-serving governor?
  3. California Facts: State GeographySize, tallest and lowest spots, where the middle of California is
  4. California Facts: California State SymbolsMore things than you could imagine. Even a state rock.
  5. California State FlagWhat it all means, where it came from.
  6. California State SealWhat do a Roman goddess, a gold miner and 31 stars have in common?
  7. California State Flower: Golden PoppyFind out where to see them at their best
  8. California State Bird: California QuailWe've got plenty of them and they sure are cute.
  9. California State Tree: California RedwoodsNot just one, but two state trees.
  10. California State Fish: Golden TroutAn appropriate symbol for the Golden State
  11. California State QuarterIssued in 2005, but have you seen one?
  12. California State Animal: Grizzly BearGone but not forgotten

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