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California Facts: Government

Facts and Fun Things to Know About the State of California


It's a Republic, but who was the shortest-serving governor?

California State Capitol Building

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California became a state on September 9, 1850, without being a territory first1

State Capitol: Sacramento
State Website: www.ca.gov, the third-largest domain in the US government web2
You Tube Channel: californiagovernment

Interesting Facts About California State Government

  • California's constitution is one of the longest collections of laws in the world3
  • California allows the people to participate in government directly by initiative, referendum, recall, and ratification3
  • California is a republic, governed by elected senators and assembly members3
  • Two actors have become California governors: Ronald Reagan and Arnold Schwarzenegger. Reagan is the only California governor to ever become United States President.
  • Milton Latham served as California's sixth governor, but for only five days4

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2State of California
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