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Get Away From it All

Lassen National Park

Courtesy of the National Park Service
Sometimes it feels like there are people everywhere you turn, cellphones ringing... noise and confusion, but there are still some places around where you can get away from it all (and in some of them, your cellphone may not work either). Try these spots for no crowds, clean air and at night, you can see the stars.

Places to Get Away From it All in California

  • Big Sur: It's popular, but limited accommodations and much publicly-owned open space keeps the density down.

  • Catalina Island: They only have two towns - both small - and most of the island is preserved in its natural state.

  • Death Valley: The largest national park has lots of room to spread out.

  • Lake County: It's just north of Napa, but it seems like few people even know it exists.

  • Mendocino Coast: Great views outnumber the visitors in California's prettiest coastal county.

  • Mono County: California's high desert is one of our favorite places to go.

  • Mount Lassen: Think of it as Mt. St. Helens older sibling.

  • Point Reyes and Marin County: Point Reyes is a big place, with varying landscapes and ocean vistas.

  • Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks: It's less crowded than Yosemite any time of the year and in summer, you drive down into a glacier-carved canyon.

  • Sequoia High Sierra Camp: Comfortable tent cabins make an great base for hiking and it's easy to get to.

  • Shasta Country: One of the state's most striking mountains and a lake - and you might even sight Bigfoot!

  • Yosemite: It's packed in summer, but go between October and April and you'll find it much less crowded.
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