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Pismo Beach

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A beach getaway needs sand and not a location on the coast, looking down on a crescent-shaped, windblown seashore. In any of these locations, you can make your own proper, California-style Surfin' Safari.

California's Best Beach Getaways

  • Big Sur: It may be better known for its mountains-plunging-into-the-sea views, but Big Sur also has one of the state's most scenic (and unusual) beaches.

  • Cayucos: Cute, small and peaceful with a pretty pier.

  • Half Moon Bay: Lots of pretty beaches - and some great tide pooling spots

  • Los Angeles: City meets sand at the Los Angeles beaches, with a busy beach scene and plenty of places to play or people-watch.

  • Laguna Beach: Main Beach is right in the middle of town.

  • La Jolla: A pretty town with a long, sloping beach and also some excellent tide pools.

  • Malibu: Beautiful beaches and a great places for a scenic drive, but with a few surprises, too.

  • Newport Beach: You'll find the best bodysurfing here and a nice pier to watch the fun from.

  • Pismo Beach: It's so stereotypically California that you won't believe it.

  • Point Reyes and West Marin County: Besides it famous lighthouse, the national seashore also has some excellent beaches, one with a rare tidefall (waterfall that flows onto the beach).

  • Redondo Beach: A city beach with lots of waterfront attractions and a fun pier filled with shops and places to eat.

  • San Diego: San Diego boasts California's warmest water and you'll find all kinds of beaches to choose from.

  • Santa Barbara: The beach is right in town, ringed by an easy path and framed with palm trees.

  • Santa Cruz: One of California's few surviving oceanfront amusement parks and surfing in season
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