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Cute Towns

Downtown Carmel

© 2007 Betsy Malloy Photography. Used by permission.
Cute Towns for California Getaways

  • Calistoga: Napa's least-visited town has an Old West feel

  • Carmel: A grown-up artist's colony with unique architecture and hidden gardens

  • Catalina Island: A quirky place that looks like a Mediterranean village.

  • Cayucos: A nice little beach town that's "just right."

  • Occidental: Almost too cute for words. Sometimes we just want to hug it.

  • Ojai: It settles into its valley like eggs into a bird's nest, giving credence to some people's contention that its name means "nest" in the Chumash Indian language.

  • Pismo Beach: This is the quintessential beach town that we all wish we'd grown up in.

  • Russian River: You'll find some of the cutest little towns in all of California along the backroads here

  • Santa Ynez Valley: It's got great scenery and not just one but two cute little towns, Los Olivos and Solvang.
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