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Hidden California

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These places are all so great that we wonder why they aren't chock-full of visitors, but we're glad they're not.

Little-Known But Fantastic Places for California Getaways

  • Cayucos: Just a few blocks long, it's possibly the cutest little beach town in the state.

  • Lake County: It's just north of Napa, but few people get far enough to visit its pretty lake and budding winegrowing region.

  • Mono County: Eye-popping scenery and one of the best places in the state for fall foliage.

  • Mount Lassen: A sleeping volcano with some steamy thermal features, it last erupted in 1915, but it's quiet for now.

  • Occidental: A charming, very small town in a seldom-visited corner of Sonoma County.

  • Valley of the Oaks: The Spanish were the first Europeans to find it, but the railroad bypassed it and it's been little-changed ever since.
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