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On a Shoestring - Inexpensive Getaways

Valley of the Oaks

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If you need a break but are short on funds, we've got some ideas for you - and they don't involve sleeping in your car or dining on peanut butter and jelly.

California Getaways for Small Budgets

You can go almost anywhere on a limited budget if you know how. Find out how to plan your own low-cost getaway.

  • Mono County: It's a little far away, but with inexpensive hotels and lots of free things to do, it's still a great bargain.

  • Morro Bay: Let someone else pay more to stay in Cambria. Morro Bay is nearby, with the same coastline views, less expensive lodging and a great harbor.

  • San Francisco on a Shoestring: You can leave your heart without having to leave your life savings, too.

  • Valley of the Oaks: Lodging is cheap and basic, but where else can you stay in a house owned by William Randolph Hearst?
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