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Rest and Relax

Labyrinth at Cal-a-Vie

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For those times when you just need a break, these places have nice hotels, quiet ambiance, great spas and not to much to do (and that within walking distance). They're good spots to stand your head and collect your thoughts, or to inspect the inside of your eyelids.

Places to Rest and Relax in California

  • Big Sur: There's not much to do here but enjoy the views, open spaces and dark, clear skies.

  • Cal-a-Vie: You'll be there a little longer than a weekend, but we don't know of a better place to refresh and recharge.

  • Catalina Island: We overheard a newly-arriving visitor who said it best: "I could chill here for days."

  • La Jolla: As long as you don't shop until you drop, you can just relax and enjoy the seaside ambiance, stroll along the clifftops, all from the excellent hotels right in the middle of town.

  • Los Gatos: Stay in a hotel in the historic downtown and you can visit one of the best spas we've visited, do a little shopping, enjoy a fine meal and join locals at the weekend Farmers Market or for a summer evening concert.

  • Occidental: The most stressful part of your day will be the 10-minute drive to nearby Osmosis Spa - or tearing yourself away when it's time to go home.

  • Ojai: They've got a walkable downtown and a nice spa nearby.

  • Palm Springs: You've gotta like any place where most of its visitors say their favorite activity is "doing nothing."

  • Sequoia High Sierra Camp: Hiking is the main activity here, but you don't have to - settle into your tent cabin, read, nap or just enjoy the view (excellent meals included).
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