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Freeman House, 1923

Photo Tour of Frank Lloyd Wright Designs in California


Freeman House, 1923

Freeman House, 1924

©2010 Betsy Malloy Photography. Used by Permission.
The Samuel Freeman House, one of three textile block houses built in the Hollywood Hills in the 1920s (the other two were La Miniatura for Alice Millard and the Ennis House).

This home was built in 1923 for two members of the Los Angeles avant-garde who met Wright through Aline Barnsdall who owned Hollyhock House. The Freemans asked Wright to design a home for them with a budget of $10,000. He seized the opportunity to design a concrete block house based on a 16-inch square that was estimated to cost $12,000. The final bill was $23,000.

From the street, the house appears to be a single story, but it actually descends two more levels down its sloped lot. This original drawing shows the plan. It has three bedrooms, two baths and 2,884 square feet of living space, all on a 6,800-acre site.

Harriet Freeman lived in the house until 1986, when she donated it to the University of Southern California. The Freeman House suffered earthquake damage and is not currently available for tours (although you might stumble upon an out-of-date page on the USC website that suggests otherwise).

1962 Glencoe Way
Los Angeles (Hollywood), CA
Private residence, no public tours

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