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Randall Fawcett House, 1955

Photo Tour of Frank Lloyd Wright Designs in California


Randall Fawcett House, 1955

Randall Fawcett House, 1955

©2010 Betsy Malloy Photography. Used by Permission.
Of all the Frank Lloyd Wright-designed structures in California, the Fawcett House is in one of the most improbable locations, situated in the middle of farm land outside the town of Los Banos, CA. That is, until you know that it was designed for former football player Randall "Buck" Fawcett, who went back home to run the family farm and then met Wright while he and his wife Harriett were taking an architecture course at Stanford University.

It's one of three Usonian homes in California's Central Valley, based on triangular shapes, designed 1955 and completed 1961. The house is made of concrete block, with two wings at 60/120 degree angles. The profile is flat and wide like the 80 acres of fields it sits in. It has 5 bedrooms and 4.5 baths.

You can see some beautiful photos of the living spaces and swimming pool here and take a video tour here.

If you want to know more about Usonian architecture, try this - or read Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian Houses by Carla Lind.

21200 South Center Ave
Los Banos, CA
Private residence, no public tours

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