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The Only Home Marilyn Monroe Owned, 1962

Marilyn Monroe in California


The Only Home Marilyn Monroe Owned, 1962

Map of 12305 5th Helena Drive, Marilyn Monroe's Last Home

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The only house Marilyn Monroe ever owned was a four-bedroom, three-bath house in the Brentwood neighborhood, with 2,624 square feet of living space on a 23,200 square-foot lot. The property also has a swimming pool, courtyard, and citrus grove. Sadly, Monroe died just six months after moving in. On August 15, 1962, actress Marilyn Monroe was found dead in her bedroom. Much has been written about the event, summarized by the Los Angeles Times.

We've included a map instead of a photo here for two reasons. First - and most important - you can't see the house from the street. We realize that's not going to stop some of you from trying, so here's the map.

In an odd bit of layout and street-naming, city planners created a gaggle of little streets branching off Carmelina in this area, all of them named Helena Drive with a sequential number: 1st Helena Drive, 2nd Helena Drive and so on. It's an odd way to do things that confuses many mapping systems. Between Sunset Boulevard on the north and San Vicente on the south, 18 of these little streets branch off from Carmelina. They're less than a block long and are basically long driveways between two houses facing Carmelina leading to two more behind them.

Monroe's house was at the end of 5th Helena Drive. The official address is 12305 5th Helena Drive, but your mapping system may have an easier time finding 333 Carmelina Avenue, which is at the end of 5th Helena Drive.

Given the ardent nature of Marilyn Monroe's fans, it's no wonder the previous owners put up a big wall that blocks any view of the house. Finally, they may have had enough. In July, 2010, the Huffington Post reported that the house was for sale for $3.6 million. See the official listing for a rare peek inside or go to Marilyn Monroe Memories to see a layout drawing

Zillow has an aerial photo and reports its last selling price and current value.

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