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Marilyn Monroe in Los Angeles and Southern California

Marilyn Monroe in California


Marilyn Monroe in Los Angeles and Southern California

Posing with Marilyn Monroe at Madame Tussaud's

©2011 Betsy Malloy Photography. Used by Permission.

Marilyn Monroe in Hollywood

This recreation of Marilyn Monroe's handprint ceremony is just next door to Grauman's in front of Madame Tussaud's wax museum, and they'll take your photo with it - or just do it yourself.

In the same area are plenty of ways to see and be photographed with Marilyn and , you'll find her plastered on every souvenir imaginable along Hollywood Boulevard.

  • Handprints at Grauman's
  • Walk of Fame star
  • Look up at the northwest corner of Hollywood and Highland and you'll see her portrayed with film star James Dean, just above a neon sign that proclaims: "Gifts & Souvenirs - 1/2 Hour Photo."
  • Down the block, a life-sized bronze statue of Marilyn Monroe in that famous dress stands outside the Hollywood Museum and inside they have a Marilyn Monroe Collection.
  • Often, a celebrity impersonator dressed up like Marilyn works along Hollywood Boulevard, ready to pose for a small tip.

More Marilyn Monroe Sites in Los Angeles and Southern California

  • Los Angeles General Hospital, 1100 Mission Road: Born June 1, 1926
  • Hollygrove: Lived here 1935-36
  • Vine Street School, 955 N. Vine Street, Hollywood: Attended while she lived at Hollygrove
  • Van Nuys High School, 6535 Cedros Avenue, Van Nuys: Attended in 1941
  • University High School, 11800 Texas Avenue, West Los Angeles: Attended in 1942 before dropping out to get married
  • Catalina Island: 310 Metropole Avenue, 1943-44
  • Hotel Del Coronado, San Diego: Some Like It Hot
  • Villa Nova Restaurant, 9015 W. Sunset Boulevard: First date with Joe DiMaggio (now the Rainbow Bar and Grill)
  • 20th Century Fox Pico Studios, 10100 Pico Boulevard, Century City: Many of her films were made here
  • Brentwood Home, 12305 5th Helena Drive: Where she died, 1962
  • Westwood Village Memorial Park: Buried

Marilyn Monroe Homes in Los Angeles

The Brentwood house was the only one Marilyn Monroe ever owned and during her career, she lived in many rented residences in and around Los Angeles. Among them are the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel (7028 Hollywood Boulevard), the Studio Club (1215 Lodi Street), Doheny Apartments (882 N. Doheny Drive), and 935 Palm Drive, Beverly Hills (DiMaggio honeymoon house). See a complete list.

Sleeping With Marilyn Monroe

Area hotels have suites commemorating Marilyn Monroe, and one even has a room that was once her bungalow.
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