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How to Connect With California Travel on Facebook


Connecting on Facebook

If you'd like your California travel news in slightly larger, more chewable chunks, connect with us on Facebook.
  • Become a Fan It's easy and there's no awkward social obligation. Just search for "Betsy Malloy's California Travel at About.com" then view the page and sign up as a fan. You can go there to see the latest updates any time.

  • Be Our Friend (Platinum Level): If you'd rather have the information come to you and would also like to get travel tips, ideas for the weekend and exclusive tips on deals along with it, friend gocalifornia@aboutguide.com. Using this option, you'll find out what we're up to and it will all show up on your News Feed just like your other friends' posts do.

  • Subscribe to Our Blog (Gold Level): If you'd rather not be friends, we aren't offended, but you can still get our weekly updates on your Facebook page instead of running over to the fan page or gocalifornia.about.com just to see what's new.

    To do this, you'll need an RSS application. That's a fancy-sounding name for a simple idea. Type RSS in the Facebook search box and wait for a list of readers to appear. Choose one and once you've activated it, add this URL as a new feed: http://0.tqn.com/6/g/gocalifornia/b/rss2.xml. Our posts will show up in you Facebook News Feed along with everyone else's.

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