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The 12 Best California Attractions


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Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
The 12 Best California Attractions

Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Point at Twilight

©2011 Images of San Francisco by Betsy Malloy Photography. Used by Permission.

It's been blown up in the movies so many times that you might want to go just to make sure it's really still there, but that's only one of many reasons to visit the Golden Gate Bridge. First, there's the perfect marriage of geography and design that makes it so appealing to the eyes.

Views of it - and from it - are so varied that you could spend an entire day just driving around looking at it. We love to see it, photograph it and walk on it, but perhaps our favorite reason to be there is the landmark engineering achievement it represents, its feet resting in some of the world's most tumultuous water, its cables draped across the first bridge support ever constructed in the open ocean and boasting a safety record that was extraordinary for its day.

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