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California Spring Getaways

5 Great Places to Go in California in Spring


Some places in California are great any time, but theses are especially nice to visit during Spring: March, April and May.

1. Hearst Castle

Courtesy of Hearst San Simeon State Historical Monument
Special evening tours held this time of year are the best way to see the Castle.

2. San Francisco

©2006 Betsy Malloy Photography. Used by Permission.
San Francisco gets its best weather in spring, with clear skies and mild temperatures. It's less crowded than in summer, too.

3. Valley of the Oaks

©2005 Betsy Malloy Photography. Used by Permission.
An isolated and little-visited valley near King City boasts some great wildflower displays.

4. Yosemite

mountain dogwood yosemite valley
©2010 Betsy Malloy Photography. Used by Permission.
Spring is the time when Yosemite's waterfalls put on their best show, and the dogwoods bloom then, too.

5. Shooting Stars

Courtesy of Getty Images News/NASA
The Lyrids meteor shower occurs in mid-April. Death Valley, Big Sur, Mendocino and locations along Scenic Highway 395 are some of the best places to see it. Check the exact dates for this year.

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