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Fantasy Faire at Disneyland

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About the Fantasy Faire

Disneyland's most popular princesses have a meet-and-greet location that's picture-perfect, and I mean that literally. First off, it's housed in a story book-worthy medieval village near the castle.

The main attraction that makes it a must-see if you have young children who are into princesses is the three of them who hold court in the Royal Hall. Located indoors with lots of light and no one dashing in front of you (or doing something weird behind them) just as you snap the shutter, it's not only a great place for the kids to get a distraction-free moment with the characters, but a perfect spot for taking that cute photograph you'll treasure for years.

In the same area is the Royal Theatre outdoor stage hosted by Rapunzel and Belle, but featuring a couple of slapstick comedians called Mr. Smythe and Mr. Jones. Those shows last 20 minutes. Sit in one of the side sections for a better view - in the middle, there's a tent pole that can block your view.

There's also a food cart and a gift shop.

Rating the Fantasy Faire

My Rating:4 smiles
Recommended for: Anyone who love the Disney princesses. Especially popular with little girls

What Others Say: LA Times theme park blogger Brady MacDonald says: "The village of cottage-like buildings look like they’ve been a part of Disneyland from the start, which is probably the highest complement I can pay Walt Disney Imagineering... Being a father of a now 12-year-old daughter who once had a closet full of princess dresses, I preferred the two comedic stage shows."

Fantasy Faire Facts

  • Type: Character greeting and stage shows
  • Location: Fantasyland
  • Duration: Depends on the schedule and length of lines. Expect to spend a short (but not rushed) moment with each princess.
Advice About Princess Fantasy Faire

  • Check the Entertainment Times handout you get at the entrance or the board posted outside the Royal Hall entrance to find out which princesses are present and what time things happen.
  • Also find out early what the Fantasy Faire hours are. It closes early most days and you wouldn't want to put it off too long.
  • Some days (but not all), the lines at the Fantasy Faire get very short during the parade. It's worth checking if your schedule allows some flexibility.
  • The Royal Hall is a picture-perfect spot, but just in case something goes wrong with your own shot, it's a good idea to pick up a Photo Pass from any Disneyland photographer and use it. There's no charge for that unless you actually want to buy the photos later and it's good insurance.
  • Not all the female Disney characters will be found at the Faire. Some have their own greeting spots at other places in the park. If you can't find your favorite, ask a cast member.
  • In the first weeks after this attraction opened in Spring, 2013, waits were less than an hour, but that can feel like an eternity if it's spent with a little one who wants to see a princess NOW. Giving them something to do or talking about what they're going to say to their favorite character can help pass the time more quietly.

Visitors can stay in their wheelchair or ECV in the queue and through the attraction. Ask a cast member if you need any assistance.

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