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Disneyland Parade: Mickey's Soundsational Parade

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Disneyland Parade: Mickey's Soundsational Parade

Mickey's Soundsational Parade 2011

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About the Disneyland Parade

There's been a parade at Disneyland for years. The theme changes periodically, most recently in 2011, when Mickey's Soundsational Parade rolled down Main Street U.S.A. It's a great improvement over its predecessor, with lots of bright colors and great energy - and we hope it sticks around for a while so we can see it again.

With floats more elaborate than some you might see in the Rose Parade, this Disneyland parade has nine units, featuring Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Aladdin, Ariel, Donald Duck, The Lion King, Peter Pan, Disney princesses and heroines. The music is upbeat, arranged by "Glee" vocal director Tim Davis. Each themed float is preceded by dancers and followed by a related character such as Sebastian from The Little Mermaid.

The parade runs between a gate next to the Mad Hatter shop on Main Street and a gate opposite "it's a small world." The spaces along the corridor between the start and the hub near the castle are great places to stand, or the area in front of the restrooms next to Alice in Wonderland is a nice, shady place to watch. So is the platform in front of the train station near the entrance.

On busier days, the parade runs twice, once in the afternoon and again in the evening. After dark the floats are lighted, making it seem even more magical.

Rating: 4 smiles
Recommended for: Everyone, but especially families with smaller children

Disneyland parade Facts

  • Type: Live parade
  • Location: Fantasyland and Main Street U.S.A.
  • Duration: 15 minutes to pass a single spot
Advice About the Disneyland Parade

  • During the Christmas holidays, the Disneyland parade is a special one, created just for the season.

  • The only place you can watch the parade sitting down is around the hub (between the castle and Main Street). Elsewhere, you'll be standing, although little ones are allowed to sit on the curb where there is one. Get to this area at least 30 minutes before the parade starts and an hour ahead of time if you want to be on the front row (where the characters may come and greet you).

  • The Entertainment Times Guide you get at the entrance tells which direction the parade is traveling and at what time.

  • If you have small children with you, it's well worth your time to arrive early enough to claim a spot in front. There's lots of street action that they'll miss otherwise.

  • It takes about 20 minutes for the parade to get from starting point near small world to City Hall and a big crowd wants to leave right afterward. Plan your exit to avoid the worst of it.


It's easy to watch the parade from your wheelchair or ECV.

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