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Its official name is the Fashion District, but most people call it the Los Angeles Garment District, so we do, too.
Falling in a big way...

Falling in Love in the Los Angeles Garment District

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Los Angeles Garment District
Los Angeles Garment District Website
Typical hours: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

How to Get Here:

Shopping nirvana is bounded by I-10, 7th St, San Pedro St and Broadway (more or less). Two of the most popular destinations are the California Market Center (110 E. 9th) and New Mart (127 E. 9th). Santee Alley is between Olympic and Pico Boulevards. Set your GPS to 300 East 9th Street, which is the Starbucks at the corner of 9th and Santee. The nearest parking lots are at 1000 Maple Avenue and 929 Wall Street and it's best to use them to avoid potential parking tickets. There are no Metro stations nearby, bur downtown DASH bus routes D and E run through it.

The Los Angeles Garment District spans 100 blocks, with over 1,000 stores and warehouses selling fashions and accessories at 30% to 70% off retail prices.

Saturdays are the busiest Los Angeles Garment District shopping days, when wholesale-only shops open to the general public.

The Sunday shopping epicenter is Santee Alley between Olympic and Pico Boulevards, where you'll find low prices, lots of knock-offs and fakes.

Los Angeles Garment District designer showrooms hold sample sales the last Friday of the month, especially at California Market Center (110 E. 9th) and New Mart (127 E. 9th), selling one-of-a-kind pieces and overstocks. Most take cash only.

Getting the Most Out of the Los Angeles Garment District

To help you explore the garment district, the Los Angeles Garment District website offers helpful tips, or download an MP3 tour. For info on the street, look for the bicycle-riding, yellow-shirted Safe Team, who can help with questions or anything else.

A few tips may help you enjoy the Los Angeles Garment District:

  • Restrooms are scarce. Use them when you find them.
  • Dress casually in clothing that's easy to take on and off
  • Bring cash to get the best prices - and it's OK to bargain: How much for this? What if I buy this, too? What if I pay cash?

Other Bargains Near the Los Angeles Garment District

The Flower Market is on Wall Street between 7th and 8th. For sparkly things, try the Jewelry District at 640 S. Hill.

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