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Los Angeles Union Station

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The last great train station.

Los Angeles Union Station

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Los Angeles Union Station

Some say Los Angeles' Union Station is America's last great railway station, and they could be right. Built in 1939 to consolidate passenger terminals of three different railways, Los Angeles Union Station still serves as a transit hub. You can catch an Amtrak train or connect to the MTA Red and Gold lines at Los Angeles Union Station. Even if you're not catching a train, it's a lovely building to wander through.

How to Get Here:

Set your GPS or maps app to 800 N. Alameda Street
  • From Phillippe the Original: Facing Alameda Street in front of Phillippe's, turn right. Cross Alameda Street at Cesar Chavez, then continue south along Alameda.
  • From El Pueblo de Los Angeles and Olvera Street: From the east side of Olvera Street and the plaza, cross Alameda Street to the station.
  • If you want to go directly to Union Station from other parts of the city, you can take the Metro or Metrolink to Union Station. If you're driving, see the GPS notes above.

Visiting Los Angeles Union Station

Pretty on the outside with a harmonious mix of Spanish Mission, Moorish and Streamline Modern architectural styles, Los Angeles Union Station is best enjoyed from inside. It's clean and carefully renovated, with original light fixtures, inlaid stone floors and tiled walls. Photographers with cameras in hand and little children peering up at the painted ceiling designs are common sights inside Los Angeles Union Station, and the original waiting area seating is so elegant that it's hard to resist plopping down for a moment to enjoy it all. You'll also find TRAXX restaurant in the middle of Los Angeles Union Station, a good excuse to linger and look around some more. If you need to use a restroom, you'll find them here.

Los Angeles Union Station is such a beautiful classic train station that it's often featured in films, including Blade Runner, Silver Streak and The Italian Job.

The LA Conservancy offers guided tours of Los Angeles Union Station once a month. Reservations are required.

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