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Hollywood Boulevard

Photo tour of Hollywood Boulevard


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  1. Hollywood at HighlandIf you know what classic films these columns take their design from, you're a true cinema lover
  2. Dolby TheatreRoll out the red carpet. This is where the Academy Awards take place.
  3. Walk of FameThere are lots of these stars, and these people aren't the only ones taking pictures of them.
  4. Hollywood Wax MuseumWax figures inside, bright lights out front.
  5. Fredericks of HollywoodSexy legs and more...
  6. Musso and Frank GrillIf you're looking for Old Hollywood, this is it.
  7. Egyptian TheatreFind out why this sister to the Chinese Theatre is a good tourist stop.
  8. Guinness MuseumBiggest, smallest, oldest. They've got 'em all.
  9. Ripley's Believe it or NotWhat's that on the roof?
  10. Hollywood MuseumIt's not only a museum, but the building itself is also a piece of Hollywood history.
  11. Souvenir ShopOne big place to shop...
  12. El Capitan TheaterThe marquee gives a hint of what it's like inside.

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