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Hollywood at Highland

Hollywood Boulevard


Hollywood at Highland

The Corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue

Zhu at Flickr under Attribution-NonCommercial 2.0 Generic License

Hollywood Blvd at Highland

Your Hollywood Boulevard tours starts at the heart of the Hollywood renaissance. Hollywood at Highland is not only a shopping-and-entertainment complex, it's a tribute to Hollywood history.

To get into the Hollywood and Highland center from the Boulevard, take the steps up across from the El Capitan if you're starting from street level. If you enter from the underground parking, go to level 2 and walk out into the courtyard.

No matter where you start from, look down to read the stories along the Road To Hollywood, set into the walk in mosaic. They're quotes from people who came to make their fortunes in Hollywood, from camera operators to mega-stars.

Pillars topped with elephants tower over the main plaza, a tribute to the set of D. W. Griffith's classic film Intolerance. Walk to the back of the complex to lounge on the over-sized casting couch and get a photo of the Hollywood sign.

Shopping is optional, but if you parked in the lot downstairs, make a small purchase to get your parking ticket validated (Starbucks, near the casting couch, will do).

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