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Eastern California, Sierras and Deserts



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Eastern California, Sierras and Deserts

Yosemite National Park

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The Sierras

The California Desert

Eastern California

  • Autumn Pictures - June Lake: A collection of pictures of fall foliage in the California mountains near June Lake
  • McGee Creek in Fall: When the aspens change color, this may be the most beautiful three miles in California.
  • Bodie: A ghost town in "arrested decay."
  • Lake Tahoe: Photos of North and South Lake Tahoe, Ponderosa Ranch, Vikingsholm.
  • Mono Lake: Islands, movie sets, migrating birds, tufa towers and abandoned settlements.
  • Squaw Valley: A photo trip on the cable car from the Village at Squaw up to High Camp.
  • Scenic Highway 395: One of the country's most beautiful (and least used) driving tours.
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