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San Andreas Fault Near Palm Springs

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San Andreas Fault Near Palm Springs

San Andreas Fault Near Palm Springs

©2009 Betsy Malloy Photography. Used by Permission.
Near Palm Springs, the San Andreas Fault is less well defined than further north, the monolithic geological feature fracturing into many smaller ones, running in various directions. Underground fissures caused by the faults give undergound water an easy route to the surface and are responsible for the many desert oases found along the east side of the Coachella Valley. You can see an oasis (and stand directly over the fault line) at 1000 Palms Canyon in the Coachella Valley Preserve (29200 1000 Palms Canyon Rd) in the town of Thousand Palms, on the east side of I-10 close to the Ramon Road exit.

All those little cracks also give rise to hot mineral springs, most of them located around the town of Desert Hot Springs.

An even better way to get up close to the fault near Palm Springs is to take a jeep tour with a knowledgeable guide. Our favorite is Desert Adventures' San Andreas Fault Adventure, which will take you through the desert and into the canyons and oases along the fault, going right up to a spot where the Pacific and North American geological plates intersect (shown in the photo above). For even more fun, take their Nightwatch Adventure (summers only) which covers much of the same terrain and ends with a spectacular look at the evening sky.

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