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San Diego Zoo Panda

One of the San Diego Zoo Pandas

©2008 Betsy Malloy Photography. Used by Permission.
The San Diego Zoo Panda Research Station is located across the zoo from the entrance. Go get there, follow Easy Street through the primate exhibits, then turn left when you reach Canyon Cafe.

Because everyone wants to see them, there's usually a line, which gets longer every time the San Diego Zoo pandas have a new cub. The panda enclosure has limited access, to keep the black-and-white creatures happy and to ensure that everyone gets a chance to see. You'll enter, walk through at a leisurely pace and then back out again. Lingering, even long enough to wait for that perfect photo opportunity is likely to provoke a polite request to move on.

San Diego Zoo Pandas

The first San Diego Zoo pandas came as visitors in 1987, staying just 200 days, but since 1996, the San Diego Zoo pandas have been full time residents. Several cubs have been born here. The newest panda cub, Yun Zi, was born August 5, 2009. She lives here with her parents. The number of San Diego Zoo pandas varies, but the Giant Panda Research Station can house as many as six of the cute critters.

Can you believe it? The San Diego Zoo pandas are so popular that they get their own birthday celebration. It's held for a week at the beginning of August. You'll find some too-cute-for=words photos of the event in the San Diego Zoo panda birthday gallery

If you want to know more about the San Diego Zoo pandas, how's this for a cool job title: a "panda narrator" is on hand at the main viewing area daily to answer your questions.

Supporting the San Diego Zoo Pandas

See what they're up to right now through the San Diego Zoo Panda Cam - and if you want a closer connection to the San Diego Zoo pandas, you can adopt one for as little as $35, contributing to their care and getting bragging rights to being their adoptive parent.

You can help the panda conservation by texting 90999 to donate $5

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