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Yosemite in Winter

Photo tour of Yosemite National Park in Winter


It's really hard to catch Yosemite National Park covered in snow. Storms dump plenty of the white stuff on the park most winters, but because of the Yosemite Valley's relatively low elevation, it seldom sticks around. In December, 2006, I was headed for Yosemite to attend the fabulous Bracebridge Dinner. As luck would have it, I drove into the valley on Sunday afternoon on the heels of a snowstorm. Photographing like mad while trying to keep fingers, toes and other body parts warm, I captured these images that afternoon and the following morning. By Monday when I left, it was almost gone.
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How many Yosemite icons can you find in the view Ansel Adams made famous?Valley ViewLooking more like a lacy bride's veil than usual.Bridalveil FallSnow, clouds, this picture's got it all...El CapitanTruthfully, it only shows one gate. Do you know what the other one is?Gates of the Valley
Did it freeze?Merced RiverIt looks like the famous rock formation is looking in a mirror.Half Dome ReflectionsA frozen waterfall doesn't look like you might expect.Frozen Yosemite Fallsfirefall horsetail fall yosemite national parkHorsetail Fall Firefall
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