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Disneyland California Hotels, Lodging and Accommodations

This guide is designed to help you find a Disneyland California hotel that meets your needs. Go step-by-step, find out how to get the best deal on a California Disneyland hotel, browse lists of Disneyland California hotels by category or even find a campground.

Finding the Best Place to Stay Near Disneyland, Step-by-Step
Use this quick and easy Disneyland hotel chooser, answer a few simple questions and find the best place to stay for your needs.

Get the Best Deal on a Disneyland Hotel
If you're a bargain-hunter who can't bear to spend a penny more than you have to, these 9 steps will help you do it.

Disneyland Hotel Map
A map-based index to all the recommended hotels and places to stay near Disneyland.

Best Disneyland Hotels
Find the hotels near Disneyland that visitors like the best

Hotels in Walking Distance of Disneyland
These hotels are all within two blocks of the Disneyland entrance.

Cheap Hotels Near Disneyland
Finding a nice, clean, budget hotel is always a hard thing to do, and it's even harder in a heavily-touristed area. We've searched out some of the best of the budget hotels.

All-Suites Hotels Near Disneyland
For families that need to spread out a bit and want a touch of privacy, a suite may be the answer.

Hotels for Large Families and Groups Near Disneyland
If you're looking for a place where a large group can all stay together, these places can all accommodate 7 or more people in one room.

Disneyland Hotels A to Z
If all you want is an alphabetical list of recommended hotels in the Disneyland area, this is it.

Campgrounds Near Disneyland
The Disneyland area is very popular, and all forms of lodging fill up fast. We recommend making reservations as far in advance as you can.

Disney's Grand Californian Hotel: What You Need to Know
Get the lowdown on the Grand Californian. Find out why people like it and what they complain about. See why you might be better off in one of the other Disney-owned hotels in the area.

Paradise Pier Hotel: What You Need to Know
Paradise Pier is my favorite Disney-owned hotel for a Disney experience at a lower cost. Get a rundown of all its pros and cons - and find out which rooms have the best views.

The Disneyland Hotel: What You Need to Know
Get a frank overview of the Disneyland Hotel, with its pluses and minuses. Find out what's special about it and how to stay there.

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