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Readers Respond: Laguna Creek Beach Reviews and Status

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From the article: Laguna Creek Beach
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Nice Stretch of Beach

This is a beautiful stretch of beach. Nudity is okay, open containers are Not. A patrol vehicle drove by slowly to ticket the guys with open containers.
—Guest Dave

No Problem

I just went on 3/31/11 and had no problem at all. The parking lot was full but there were probably about 5 people in the nude area. If they're going to enforce a ban on nudity they really need to post signs or something. Also it should maybe mentioned that this beach is popular with men. I've been a few times and seen only 1 woman.
—Guest Dusty

More on State Ownership

A little more info on the change of ownership - in late 2009, the state of California apparently did buy this property - they have put up signs and frequent visitors say they have seen state park rangers patrolling - and issuing citations for off-leash dogs. Its future status as a nude beach is uncertain as of April, 2010.
—Guest Betsy

Laguna Creek Beach, Santa Cruz Co., Ca.

This beach is now owned by the state and patroled. Watch out and be careful.
—Guest Steve

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Laguna Creek Beach Reviews and Status

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