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Readers Respond: San Onofre Beach Reviews and Status

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From the article: San Onofre Beach
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San Onofre Work Around

As it pertains to Trail 6 at San Onofre, the prohibition on open nudity eliminated all nudity on state-own property and if one goes nude, they are sure to be cited. However, if one proceeds south and walks onto the federal lands owned by Camp Pendelton, nude sunbathing can be found albeit a fraction of visitors compared to before. The problem is that it is illegal for citizens to walk onto the Camp Pendelton beach, and signs are posted warning about trespassing. Marines patrol the beach from time to time ordering people off, but I've never seen any more than that. About 6 or 7 years ago, the marines ran razor wire down the beach from the hills to the ocean. Unfortunately, it soon became rusted and the tides washed the razor wire onto the state side where sand hid it from the bare feet of visitors and children, cutting us. So insofar as San Onofre, one can trespass onto Pendelton's beach, but it's your own risk
—Guest Brad

Can't stay outside the military base

I have gone twice, and both times all of the nudists were pass the military fence. There were no nude sunbathers at trail 6 - you have to walk a good ways further.
—Guest 2nd Time


we encourage to keep open this wonderful beach of freedom as relaxing place and place to be free.we been there couple times on past and nothing wrong to be nude ,has limit of clothing optional .
—Guest francisco

This beach is still open!

FYI: there has been much press about the "closure" of the Nude Beach at Trail 6. Do Not Be Afraid! I was there today, and though the traditionally nude area was mostly empty, there where still over 50 nudists enjoying the sun, waves, and volleyball au natural. Seems the rangers wrote a few tickets to scare people back in May but none have been written since. If you love San Onofre and can play by the rules among other nudists, get there and enjoy it today!
—Guest socal sun lover

Limited Parking Upside

The limited parking is a plus because the beach can never get too crowded.
—Guest Mike

Best at Minus Tide

I have been going here for 6 years says the beach is at its best when there is a minus tide and you can explore some of the rocks to see crabs and beautiful-colored starfish
—Guest Local9576

Watch Out for Photographers

San Onofre is a great place but suggests you watch out for tents on the beach as people sometimes take photographs from them.
—Guest ourtacom

Can be Dirty

The sand can be dirty and often contains a lot of debris.
—Guest multiplexer9

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San Onofre Beach Reviews and Status

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