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Readers Respond: Pirate's Cove Reviews and Status

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From the article: Pirate's Cove (Avila)
Have you been to Pirate's Cove? This is the place to share your experiences with others. Share Your Experience

Great beach, great people

Went there a couple times while on vacation, such a wonderfull time. Nudity seems very natural and normal and the awkwardness wears off quickly. Met pirate Bill, he chased off a gawker, cracked me up. Played volleyball nude for the first time and got a wonderfull tan. My wife was so jealous she couldn't join me.
—Guest Walmart Troy (Bill gave me a nickname)

My home

The cove is a place for the ready and willing to experience one of the most beautiful carefree beaches of all time. If you don't like the idea of nudity, DO NOT GO. If you can't handle picking up your own trash, DO NOT GO. But, if you have an open mind, and a big heart, you will be greeted with open arms. I've been going there since I was 17, and I couldn't be happier to call this beautiful beach my home. Greetings to the pirates and mermaids out there! :}
—Guest Mermaid Brizzle


I will be there like the sand, everyday. Look for me if anyone is gawking or weirding out on you. We don't put up with that sort of shit at The Pirates Cove. I'm the bald guy at the end of the beach if you have any questions about whats ok and not ok.
—Guest pirate bill

fun day

06/23/12 Today I had a most wonderful day; this was my first time out to a public nude beach up till now I have been a closet nudist around the house or back yard. I told myself that I am going to Pirates Cove nude beach CA; today was the day. I found the beach clean no trash. The people where not only nice but helpful as well; as a first timer I was right at home. There where more males then females none of the males where hitting on the females and soon they all where playing volley ball, walking up & down the beach and gender didn’t mater. I will not have any second thoughts about going back and if you where thinking about going, GO!! You will have fun.
—Guest Tom


I just got back from my first time. Im too white to stay long, but it was nice. There was about 8 people and 2 of which women. I felt totally comfortable and would definately go back. I interrupted a gentelman to ask a question and he was very nice and offered to watch my stuff. All around a wonderfful experience. There was one gawker that couldn't be any more obvious. I felt unthreatened though. I wish I could go back right now... back
—Guest Red

my favorite nude beach ever!

Been to a few nude places on earth, but this was the best because of the diverse population...from seniors to infants and all in-between. It was humorous to watch the dudes scoping the beach bare-chested only. Anyway, I loved swimming out to the seals. Glad I didn't get bit. I used to bring a display down to Vandenberg every year and one year brought an upper-mgmt. type with me. What a scandal! I remember having to park on the cliff and walk down a fairly steep trail. Satellite fotos look like there is a road there now and some development. too bad.
—Guest mendocinobeano

My favorite nudist location so far

My girlfriend and I frequent Pirates Cove as often as possible. We haven't been in awhile as work has made it impossible. We plan to soon correct that problem. We have never had a bad experience outside of getting a sunburn on our sensitive parts.

My mother loved this place

As a kid we went many time me my mom and sister now that my mother has passed I'm thinking of taking her ashs here
—Guest Rachel

Warm January sunshine

It was my first time to a nude beach. Sunbathing at home since 2001, I was ready for more. While access to the beach is less than ideal, once out at the far end, I shared the sand n sun with a dozen others, all nude or mostly nude. The locals at the beach that day spoke of zero police problems and summer crowds. Oh, and those bluffs with some gawkers? That was about a 1000 yards away. If there were any, they might as well have been in China! As a man, faced with the beauty of real people nude, I suddenly got the strong urge to—build sand castles, chase frisbees, play volleyball, do body painting, and live with no pretentious nor shame. While no one had a perfect body that day, I saw beauty everywhere I looked. I will definitely return frequently.
—Guest Tom

What a wonderful, relaxing beach!

I have been to beaches all over the world and this beach is so relaxing if you want to be clothed or not. I prefered to be naked all the time and enjoy the cave and rocks as well as swimming naked in the ocean.

Excellent Beach

I graduated from Cal Poly SLO in the 80's. While attending school there my roomate and I frequently visited the cove and would study on the beach while nude sunbatching. There were always other Poly students on the beach back then, guys and gals, and us regulars got to know each other and we'd flash a special smile to one another when we'd see each other on campus or in classes. The beach was always safe, clean and with all ages represented including families with small children. I moved out of the Central Coast area after I graduated but have visited the beach numerous times since. It has been some time now since my last visit but it's good to hear it's pretty much the same as it was! I hope to become a regular again as my wife and I both love nude sunbathing.


Had a great time so beautiful and relaxing.no problem except for a sun burn on my backside.
—Guest tinboy

The cove

It's an incredible spot, but idiots are ruining it. (And might soon be lost) Put a BIG gate at the entrance that say's "Dangerous for GAWKERS" This place MUST be saved.
—Guest Sunbunz


Well this is how my experience started. Me and the wife go to Avila Beach every few months, this time I noticed the sign for Cave cove rd. So I decided to drive up there, when I got to the top I noticed a few cars in the parking area. A few people sitting in their cars. So I thought it was a view point. Then I saw a sign for the cave, so I started walking down the trail. When I came to the fork on the trail, I went left down the hill to the place where you repel the little way down. My wife had to stay at top because she had surgery a few weeks before. Right at the bottom was a aguy reading and sunning. When I got closer I noticed he had no clothes on, no problem. I don't mind a little sunning myself. So I walked down the beach looking for the cave. But like before I started to notice a few more naked people. But there were some clothed. I had been comming to that area for sometime and never knew it was a nudist beach. Now I know where to go to on my trip
—Guest david

My favorite

Usually friendly, some gawkers but not worrisome, volleyball if you like, tough walk back up after a relaxing day.
—Guest Jerry

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Pirate's Cove Reviews and Status

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