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Readers Respond: Is It Safe for Tourists to Visit Tijuana?

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From the article: Tijuana
There's so much in the news these days about violence along the US-Mexican border and the Department of State has been issuing traveler alerts since 2008, with wording that becomes stronger with each renewal. Have you been to Tijuana lately? Do you live there? Related your experience and opinions to help others decide what to do. What do you think?


This one Hombre tried to bend me over and give it to me... im not going back ! oh hell no !!!
—Guest Jack

I Wouldn't Go

Tijuana (or Playas De Tijuana) is not safe. I went there for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I had planned to spend the night there in a nice hotel but after being there for about 2 hours I was ready to get back to the border crossing as fast as possible. I had read on a few websites where people said it wasn't that bad, but it was worse than I could have ever imagined. From the moment I got there, I felt like almost everyone was sizing me up and waiting to strike, literally. I felt like my life was in danger and I'm not exagerating. I warn you, if you are American, and look like it, do not go down there.
—Guest Rick

mexico is safe if you know how to follow

went there last may and had a good time food was poor shopping was great stay on the busy streets with other travlers revelution blvd is a good street with lots of shops and the vendors are ready to haggle with you for a good deal , remember they need your business , because of this you can get some awsome deals if you dont just give in,.
—Guest Brent prows

Safer than Santa Ana

I've been many times over past few years, never a problem. If you go often obtain a SENTRI PASS from CBP and you'll have a dedicated line for entry back into the US. It's no different to downtown LA or any other major city, stay aware of your surroundings and keep you valuables in your front pocket. Zona Rio has great restuarants, bars and night clubs. Live a litttle!
—Guest Pete

Great weekend June 2012!

Just me and 2 beautiful women in TJ, Rosarito, PopotLa, and no problems! Friday crossed into Mexico drove 20minutes to Rosarito Beach Hotel, got a room for $89 which included 2 dinners. Gave the girls the dinners while I drank ice cold Corona MicheLadas! Walked over to Pappas&Beer and partied the night away. Woke up in the morning got a few more Micheladas and drove 10 minutes south to Popotla (where they filmed Titanic!) had the BEST Fish and Crab lunch I’ve ever eaten overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Then drove back north to Tijuana and got a room at City Express for $80. Slept for couple hours and heard Vicente Fernandez was in concert at the Caliente Stadium! We took a Taxi to Caliente and paid $160 for 3 tickets to see Chente! WOW!! I’ve paid $300 for just 1 ticket in L.A.! At 1am after the concert we took a taxi to Alebrijes night club that stays open til 6am. Paid $75 for a section with a bottle of Greygoose and danced the night away! I got to say, this was the BEST weekend EVER a
—Guest Rick

Had a great experience

Went with a couple friends, and thoroughly enjoyed it! As long as your respectful of the people you shouldnt have a problem. I will say this though, watch where you eat, be smart about it!
—Guest Jerry

We felt comfortable

I enjoyed our day trip to shops and restaurants in the main strip "Revolucion". The taxi drivers were very friendly and helpful. I loved my buying power over there most of all!
—Guest dianamend

Saturday Market

Park the car ($15 or so) at the border then walk across. No need for a cab, walk across the TJ river (follow your nose if you can't find it) then get away from the gringo area. I went on a Saturday afternoon and had a blast! They had a street closed off with a huge mexican folk dancing stage, lots of cool markets, street food etc. I felt like I was in Mexico!! The pesty street hawkers didn't really bother me much. I also enjoyed a nice cervesa with mariachi in the touristo area. People were beyond friendly. One warning; there are fake cops (slppy looking) who may try to get a bribe. The real cops have clean, sharp uniforms.
—Guest wes4267

I still go there

I have been going there for years and here is what I have seen. Yes crime is on the upswing but if you are careful you will be all right. If it is your first time to TJ you will be shocked. There will be merchants that will almost drag you into their store with the constant badgering. Act like you are not interested. Don’t worry about offending them. They are used to it. I have seen some really nice works of art for sale cheap. A real heart wrenching thing is the deformed begger children looking for money. You have to develop thick skin and wearing sun glasses really helps out. Night time is totally different. There is a lot of wild party bars there but you have to be very careful. If any one offers you a drink that is not a bartender do not take it. When you are going back to the border always take a taxi. In the daytime that road to the border is filled with people and merchants. At night it is abandoned and dark.
—Guest idiota borracho

Not a problem.

I've been to Tijuana about a dozen times in the last two years, and not only have I never seen any safety concerns, I haven't had any problems at all—knock wood. So I'll just say it this way: Get off Revolution Avenue. It's the Bourbon Street, the Venice Boardwalk, the Times Square of Tijuana... not at all like the city it's part of. Donkeys painted like zebras, sex shops, and horribly overpriced bars? Walk down it once and then hop a cab for the Zona Río (look inside first; if you don't see a meter, haggle the price before you get in—US$5 is about the going rate). Go to CECUT, eat in the Zona Gastronómica, wander the Mercado Hidalgo, have tamarind margaritas at Cheripán or La Diferencia. Go to the beach and wander, then have seafood.
—Guest Dave

Not Good

Howza I definitely wouldn't go back and felt lucky to get out unscathed-am even scared to write this after going there for an hour...
—Guest Jack


behave, stick to main streets,be polite,the people appreciate being spoken to politely. they are helpful and kind
—Guest betty Duncan

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Is It Safe for Tourists to Visit Tijuana?

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